What is Biologically Appropriate Raw Food?

Do you know what Biologically Appropriate Raw Food is?

Species Appropriate Diets

Would you feed a tiger the same thing you feed fish? Or would you feed a snake the same thing you feed an earthworm?

Of course not, because it’s not a species/biologically appropriate diet! In fact, many species will refuse to eat non-species appropriate food.

That’s right, many carnivores would rather die than eat leafy greens! Or imagine an elephant (an herbivore) eating a bird… yea, not happening.

Dogs X Nutritional Resilience

Things get a bit more confusing with dogs (and cats), because much like humans, dogs & cats are much more nutritionally resilient than other species.

Out of hunger and for survival, dogs will eat what is fed to them even if it’s not biologically appropriate…

But this causes a decline in vitality and an increase in degenerative diseases such as arthritis and cancer.

Think about it, what would happen if all you ate was ice cream, candy, and protein bars your entire life (processed non-species appropriate foods)?

Diet X Disease

You would develop disease much faster than someone eating wholesome foods (a biologically appropriate diet for humans).

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) is the species appropriate diet for dogs. It is the diet that provides maximum health, vitality, and lifespan for our Furever Loves.

Wondering what the BARF diet consist of and why it’s not the standard food for dogs? Stay tuned as we are going deeper on this topic…

Want More Biologically Appropriate Raw Food? 

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The topic of Biologically Appropriate Raw Food has many layers. To read more about BARF from the vet who invented the phrase, check out this link!

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