Top 5 Benefits of Freeze Dried Treats

Have you ever given your dog raw, freeze dried treats or food? If not, here are the top benefits of starting!

Freeze dried foods are an excellent choice for your dog because they include the many health benefits of feeding raw while providing ease of use. If you’ve been wondering whether freeze dried foods are good for your dog, look no further:

Preserved Nutrients

 Since freeze dried foods are not exposed to high temperatures, vitamins and minerals are preserved, ready for easy absorption.

0 Additives

Freeze dried foods for dogs have no additives, preservatives, or other chemicals. The process of removing the moisture from the foods preserves its freshness requiring no extra ingredients.


Easy to store thanks to its stable shelf life, you can store freeze dried goods in a cool dry place like your pantry. Perfect for on the go as well, freeze dried treats are light and mess free to feed.


You can feed freeze dried items to your dog as is, or soak them in water to rehydrate the food. Rehydrating will make your pet feel more full and provide extra hydration. This is an especially great benefit if you’re feeding kibble and your pup is not a huge water drinker!

Rare ingredients of Freeze Dried Treats

Organ meats are some of the most nutrient dense foods for your pet, but they can be tough to find. Many freeze dried treats are made of heart, liver, and other secreting organs, making it easy for you to feed a nutritious diet without the hassle. 

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