Periodontal Disease In Dogs: Why 80% of Dogs Suffer

Periodontal disease in dogs is a true canine epidemic. 80% of dogs over the age of 2 suffer from dental disease! Stop the suffering and give your dog nature’s toothbrush instead: raw chews.

 Want your dog to have fresh breath and pearly whites? Chewing on raw meaty bones sustains 100% healthy teeth and gums.

Those toothbrush looking, synthetic items at the pet store with added “enzymes” to break down plaque are a waste of $$ and a waste of nutrition! Not to mention they are filled with chemicals and additives… The best way to keep dental disease at bay are raw meaty chews.

The gnawing and tearing dogs do when eating raw foods scrapes away plaque and flosses their teeth. This + the natural enzymes keep their breath fresh.

Not only do raw chews keep dental disease away, they also provide essential nutrients. More benefits of raw meaty chews are engaging your dog’s mind while strengthening their neck, jaw, and shoulder muscles. The chemical and artificial ingredient filled chews you can buy in commercial pet stores have a large number of undigestible ingredients. Not only do these bother most dogs’ bellies, they can have harmful side effects! 

Natural, non-gmo, single ingredient chews made from human-grade animals are the best type of chews to fend off periodontal disease.

Prevent Dental Disease with the Top Single Ingredient, Natural Chews 

If you are just starting to give your dog “nature’s toothbrush,” here are the top items you can start with: 

Beef Tripe Twists (10 pack)
Skinless Turkey Neck
Skinless Duck Neck
Hog Snout
Hog Ear
Duck Head
Duck Foot
Chicken Party Wing
Chicken Head

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We will be going more in depth about the unique health and nutritional benefits of each items soon. We hope you learned why it is crucial to give your dog natural chews! In the meantime, 

Stay tuned for our post about the different stages of periodontal disease development.