Limited Ingredient Dog Treats: Top 10 Benefits

Limited ingredient dog treats are the best option for your dog when it comes to treat selection. Having a well rounded, wholesome diet is beneficial not just for you, but for your dog too! Limited ingredient dog treats help you achieve this well rounded diet, no matter what food you’re feeding your dog. Here are the top 10 reasons you should switch your dog’s treats to limited ingredient ones:

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1. Great for dogs with allergies:

Limited ingredient dog treats help with allergies in several ways. First, if you know what your dog is allergic to, you can easily select a treat that does not include the allergen since the ingredient list is so short. Second, many dogs are allergic to gluten, or other additives treat manufacturers typically include in treats. The most common ingredients dogs are allergic to are: beef, dairy, chicken, wheat, and soy. Getting hypoallergenic dog treats is made easy with these treats.

2. Perfect for dogs with food sensitivities:

Most dog treats are packed with terrible ingredients for your dog which may cause a negative reaction in their digestive or endocrine system. With limited ingredient dog treats, you know exactly what is in the treat and don’t have to worry about additives that may cause a harmful reaction in your pet. Single ingredient treats will actually help with digestion thanks to their high nutritional content and limited processing.

3. 0 artificial ingredients:

Artificial ingredients are equally bad for dogs as they are for humans. As more of the population is realizing how detrimental artificial ingredients are to human health, more dog owners are realizing that artificial is bad for their dogs too! 

4. 0 preservatives:

Synthetic preservatives can be highly toxic for your pet. Avoid them at all cost! Many preservatives are also used as pesticides. Scary! You should never be giving your dog food with ingredients you don’t recognize or cannot pronounce. 

5. Air or freeze-dried raw:

Air dried is also known as dehydrated. Dehydrated or freeze-dried treats provide maximum nutrition for your dog because there is no heavy processing that eliminates the nutritional value of ingredients. This type of treat is the next best thing after giving your dog fresh raw food.

6. Species appropriate:

A dog’s anatomy clearly shows that they need to be consuming mainly animal parts. The perfect diet for the canine species is muscle meat, organ meat, seafood, and small amounts of fruit & veggies. Limited ingredient dog 

7. Easy to add variety:

Your dog’s gut flora thrives on a variety of foods! Even if it makes sense budget wise to feed your dog the same food, limited ingredient treats make it super easy to add variety to your dog’s diet.

8.  Highest quality ingredients:

When treats are limited ingredient, there is no hiding the quality behind artificial ingredients or clever marketing techniques. Limited ingredient dog treats use the highest quality ingredients because the quality can be seen in the treat itself!

9. Easily digestible:

Since limited ingredient treats are 100% species appropriate, your pup will not get an upset belly from them. They are highly digestible and break down easily through your pup’s digestive track.

10. Peace of mind:

With limited ingredient treats, you know you are giving your dog the healthiest treats out there. There is absolutely 0 guesswork involved! You don’t have to read labels trying to figure out if there are additives that could be harming your dog’s health. 

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