How Feeding Raw With Furever Love Club Transforms Your Dog’s Life

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Initially a small ecommerce business selling canine dog apparel and accessories, Furever Love Club is now focused on extending the lives of dogs. Raw and limited ingredient products curated for Furever Love Club’s monthly subscription box help prevent and heal canine health problems.

Susanna Domosi, founder of Furever Love Club, said, “In December 2020, my intuition told me to hit pause on marketing my business due to high customer acquisition costs and slow shipping times. Also, I knew I wanted to make a bigger impact on the lives of dogs and dog owners. I didn’t want to just sell ‘things’ to people. Then I learned about Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF), which is a term coined by Dr. Ian Billinghurst.”

Upon researching BARF compliant canine diets, it became clear that “By eating biologically appropriate raw foods, dogs suffer less from obesity, cancer, allergies and dental disease. They also enjoy a longer life, stronger immune and digestive system as well as healthier skin and coats! As more and more companies launch freeze-dried healthy treats for dogs with no additives, I found myself thinking that this type of diet needs more exposure… that if people knew how good this stuff really is for their dogs, they would see no other way to feed their four-legged family members.”

While Furever Love Club is set on keeping the accessory side of the business, Domosi is now on a transformative mission to offer a monthly subscription box. Members can effortlessly feed their pups a nutritionally balanced, biologically appropriate diet every month.

“I saw other subscription boxes providing unhealthy, non-eco-friendly food products, in addition to toys that just pile up. Instead of appealing to the owners through clever marketing tactics, I felt there is a way to make this monthly surprise more impactful for the actual users of the boxes; the dogs!”

An added bonus to this new business path is faster shipping times. “At the inception of Furever Love Club, I was working with international suppliers with long lead times which didn’t align with my values. Supporting small, local, and female owned businesses is an important cause to me. Fast delivery is imperative as well for happy customers.”

Finding what is truly healthy for your dog is hard, but Furever Love Club makes it easy and convenient. Feeding a well-balanced, species appropriate diet should not be so complicated. It is Domosi’s very mission to extend the lifespan of dogs while transforming their health, and Furever Love Club is doing so one monthly surprise at a time.

For information, visit Led by Domosi, it seems the business world, local businesses and the lives of dogs will ‘furever’ be changed.