Capelin Dog Treats: Health Benefits

Capelin dog treats can provide amazing nutritional benefits for your dog. Especially if your dog is picky, or has a sensitive stomach, these treats may become their new favorite! Delicious and nutritious, this treat fits in perfectly to the Furever Love Club box.

Nutrients in Capelin

Capelin, when in their original, unaltered, unprocessed form, have incredibly nutritious benefits. Protein, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and calcium are the most abundant in this nutritious food.

The list of benefits of Omega-3’s for dogs goes on and on: 

Brain development
Reducing inflammation (aiding with arthritis)
Prevent & fight cancer
Improve immune system
Improving kidney and heart health
Fixing skin & coat conditions
Aid in behavior problems (anxiety, depression, hyperactivity)

Taurine: Why it is Essential for Dogs

Taurine is the amino acid that is essential for dogs. It helps with sight, reproductive, immune system, and heart health. Without taurine, dogs can develop life threatening diseases. The FDA reported several top dog food companies recently for not having adequate taurine levels, causing heart issues in dogs.

Capelin contain 6.175 grams of taurine per kilogram of dry weight. This is amazing news because the recommended taurine intake for dogs is 1000mg per day for every 40lbs of body weight. Keep in mind that not all capelin treats are made the same! 

When most dog treats are made, the processing of the ingredients makes it difficult to break down and absorb taurine. This is why is crucial to feed air dried, freeze dried, or gently cooked food and treats.

Capelin Dog Treats from your Furever Box

The capelin dog treats which we carry in our boxes are the highest quality on the market. They are 100% pure single ingredient. This means they are natural, made from human-grade capelin, sustainably fished, air dried, and maximally nutritious. With these delicious treats your dog is sure to love, you can be at peace knowing your pup is getting the Omega-3 and Taurine support they need.

Get your Custom Furever Box today and make sure to select the capelin when you get to the seafood selection.